Diesel Grand Daddy Puts Four Different Chronograph Watches In One Timepiece

Sometimes, one watch isn’t enough.  And if you’re the type who needs four different chronographs strapped on your wrist for whatever reason, the Diesel Grand Daddy will prove to be your perfect timepiece. 

An oversized wristwatch, it sports a face with four different chronograph watches on it.  Each one can be accessed individually, as well, so you can have each one showing different timezones, all while running four stopwatches at the same time.

Described as “big and bold,” the Diesel Grand Daddy sports a watch case measuring 73 x 66 x 14 mm, so it’s quite the large presence strapped around your wrist.  It features a laser-cut crystal cover, pyramid texture dial, 3 ATM water resistance, a leather band, and all the ridiculous swag you can expect from an extra large watch with four full chronograph watches housed in a single case.

Who the heck will wear a watch with four different chronograph watches?  We’re not exactly sure.  We’re guessing serial online daters with girlfriends in four different continents, obsessive horse racing junkies who like to time four different horses during a single race, or dudes who like to mess with people who ask them what time it is.  Yeah, probably those.

The Diesel Grand Daddy is available now, priced at $1,000.

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