Diesel Jogg Jeans Are Like Fancified Pajama Jeans

You may have laughed the hell out of the Pajama Jeans the first time you saw it.  Gotta admit that it hit on something people actually want, though — comfy sweatpants that carry just a little more flair.   These Diesel Joggs look like they’re the next step in combining comfort and style in trousers, though.

Taking the idea a step further, the exterior of these sweatpants look like well-worn treated jeans put through the torturous ordeals they subject fancy denim to.  With tears and fades and marks all over, it brings an even more realistic denim appearance compared to the off-the-factory looks of the original Pajama Jeans.

Denim on the outside, sweatpants on the inside — that’s the exact combination the Diesel Jogg Jeans are aiming for.  Each pair is constructed using one of two fabrics, either Knitted Denim or Woven Jersey.  Both are made through similar processes that involve using two yarns: one for the interior (so it’s as soft as regular sweatpants) and one for the exterior (so it looks like denim).

Five styles are available, all with drawstring waists, so you can synch them up and loosen quickly.  There are three styles for the ladies and two for the guys, all of which really do look like real Diesel jeans.

We’re not sure if you can get away with wearing these Diesel Jogg Jeans to work without getting ribbed at all day, but the comfort of sitting in sweatpants for eight hours makes it sound worth any potential hassle.  They’re priced like real premium jeans, though, with each pair going for around $340.

[Diesel via MTV Style]