Dietrich ED01 Is A Watch Built For Snowy Weather

Wearing a wristwatch while decked in ski gloves and winter jackets isn’t the smartest idea.  For one, it’s not really that smart to bare your arms in sub-zero temperatures, which you’ll need to do to check the time.  The Dietrich ED01, billed as the “snow watch,” offers a solution.

Instead of wearing your watch under a winter jacket, the new timepiece can be worn on top of the insulated lumps worn over your limbs, so you can check the time by simply glancing at your wrist like you’d normally do when wearing your Space Invaders Watch during the summer.  Using multi-directional elastic straps that hook onto four corners of the timepiece, it can be wound around your sleeves, regardless of how many layers of thick padded clothing you’ve got on.

Since it’s meant to work under snowy weather, the Dietrich ED01 is both fully waterproof and temperature-resistant, allowing it to keep ticking even in sub-zero climate.  To guarantee visibility even in the midst of heavy fog, it sports oversized hands decked in bright green SuperLuminova.  It also has just two hands, for the hours and minutes, to further simplify the face, making it easier to read through adverse conditions.   Two sets of elastic straps (green and black) are included, just in case you’d like to change your look every now and then.

No word on availability or pricing for the Dietrich ED01 yet.  Since it’s not yet winter for most parts of the world, that’s probably a good thing.  Expect it to retail in a few months, though.

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