Turn Yourself Into A High-Tech Detective With The Sherlock Cube Digital Forensic PC

We’re not entirely sure what use we will have for a portable, all-in-one digital forensic computer kit.  But we’re not entirely sure why we wouldn’t want to buy one either.  This thing just looks too awesome for words.

Made by ACME Portable, it’s a complete, field-ready kit with everything you need to conduct a digital investigation anywhere you are.  Need to settle a never-ending office discussion about who downloaded the super gross porn on your co-worker’s computer (he’s denying it’s him)?  Maybe you can use this to find out.   Want to know what happened to that source code that ended up, somehow, being deleted from the servers?  Yep, find out the goof who pressed “delete” with this thing.  Basically, if you like playing computer detective, this is the gear to help you pull it off.

Billed as “a powerful tool for digital investigation,” the Sherlock Cube is a portable computer running an embedded version of Windows 7.  Specs include an Intel i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a foldable 10-inch touchscreen display, dual open SATA HDD slots with hot swap support and adapters for other HDD types (so you can check the contents of hard drives on the spot), six USB ports, and gigabit Ethernet.  The computer has built-in fingerprint security, so guilty parties won’t be able to easily access the system and compromise your investigation.

Everything is enclosed in a lunchbox-like case that measures 12.2 x 12.2 x 3.5 inches and weighs 10 pounds for easy portability.  It comes with a duplicator software, a forensic analyzer software, and a forensic emulator software (OS X and Windows 8) preloaded.

The Sherlock Cube is available now.  You can request a quote directly from the ACME Portable website.

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