Digital Monkey Wrench Helps You Secure Nuts And Bolts Perfectly


Can’t tighten a bolt if your life depended on it?  There’s no app for that, but there’s apparently a tool designed especially for you.  The Digital Ratchet Monkey Type updates the classic monkey wrench into a tool that even a life-long klutz can fix up mechanical stuff with.

Like regular repair tools, the digital wrench can secure nuts and bolts, allowing you to work on bikes, cars and various home fixtures.  Unlike traditional spanners, though, it’s battery-powered and fits in a couple of useful talents that make the job easier.

Sporting a built-in torque reader, the Digital Ratchet Monkey Type displays a precise output of the necessary force, allowing you to adjust how tight or how loose to render a particular piece of equipment.  That should help avoid inadvertent loosening from leaving a bolt unsecured, as well as the potential damage from twisting one too tight.

The stainless steel wrench is compatible with all nuts and bolts between ten to 36 mm and can measure torque between 17 to 85 N.m.  It’s got an ergonomic handle for easy grip, LED lighting for easy visibility and even includes a buzzer that plays to alert you when you’re applying too much force.  I don’t care how clumsy you claim to be – there’s no excuse not to help with fixing things up, when you have this thing in tow.

Want to fashion pressure-perfect twists?  Unless you have impeccable mechanic’s instincts, this is about the most accurate way to secure it.  The user-friendly Digital Ratchet Monkey Type is now available for a non-buyer-friendly price of $323.

You can check it out at JTS .