Digital Peephole Viewer Updates Your Door To The Modern Age


The optical peephole on your door is plenty useful, but it really has seen better days.  In today’s digital world, it only makes sense to upgrade it with a fittingly advanced solution.  The Digital Peephole Viewer saves you from the difficult work of having to stick your eye in a small hole, showing you who’s at the door in a clear, easy-to-view LCD.

Effectively a security camera in your doorstep, the contraption installs right on the same slot that your fisheye peephole is supposed to go into.  Instead of squinting at the small, barely-visible view of the guy knocking at the door, you get to enjoy a 2.5-inch motion image in full color (with a zoom option, at that).

Armed with a 1.3 megapixel camera inserted in place of the original lens, the Digital Peephole Viewer captures a visual angle of 190 degrees.  The LCD panel mounts right at the inner side of the door, housed in a light half-pound enclosure with a single control button.  Simply push the button to turn on the device, automatically showing you who’s standing by the doorway.

The rig compensates for low-light situations, allowing you to get a clear display even in the dark.  That means no mistaking scantily-clad hot women who pound on your door at night for big, burly men with ski masks over their heads.  Of course, they could just be as criminally-inclined, but that’s a whole matter entirely.

You’ll need to throw in two AA batteries into the Digital Peephole Viewer, lasting it for a good 1,700 views.  Sadly, there’s no recording option, which would have been awesome (in case you want to use it for peering through other, more compromising holes).  It’s available for around $138.

[Brinno via Red Ferret]