Dine Ink Pens Turn Into Eating Utensils

The pen as a writing instrument is slowly losing its place.  Other than the occasional signature here and a quick note there, we’d all rather type away on our physical and virtual keyboards to fashion words of any sizable length.  At least, the Dine Ink offers a new reason to keep those pens on a cup at your work desk: you can use them as utensils the next time you’re too busy to leave your cubicle for lunch.

Made by the clever folks at Fred, the ball point part is as ordinary as it gets.  You know,  it’s got a tube of ink and a tip that you can set onto paper to dispense the writing fluid with.  The caps, on the other hand, is where the magic happens.

Dine Ink comes with three plastic caps, each one shaped to double as an eating utensil.  One’s a spoon, another’s a fork and the last one’s a knife — just slip them over the included pens and start shoveling that canned gourmet food with your writing instruments.

Granted, we doubt it’s a good idea to use these pen caps for eating, especially after you’ve had them sitting in your pencil box the whole time.  But then, it’s a dead simple way to amuse your colleagues while you slave away together over a rushed report that the client said they needed yesterday.  It’s good for morale.

The Dine Ink set comes with three pens, so you can use all three utensils together as soon as you open the pack.  The actual part that slips over the pen looks standard-sized, too, so you can probably use this with most of the other pens in your stash.

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