This Classy Dining Table Hides A Pool Table Underneath

You want a pool table in the house, but the wife has forbidden putting one inside the bedroom or the living room.  And there’s no way you can fit one in the garage with all the crap you have in there.  What to do?  Turn the dining room into an afterhours pool hall with the Fusion Table.

Designed by Belgian brand Aramith, it’s a classy dining table that hides a fully-playable pool table underneath.  That way, you can set it up in the kitchen for family meals and sorting out the bills and all the other stuff dining tables are good for.  Once the family’s in bed, simply remove the dining tabletop and enjoy as many games of 9-ball as your heart desires.  Since you’re in the kitchen already, the fridge is just a step or two away, making it easy to drown yourself in Miller Lite the entire time.

The Fusion Table’s dining tabletop measures 52.9 x 90.6 inches, with the playing area underneath measuring 37.8 x 75.6 inches.  Height is only 29.5 inches to make it ideal for family dining, although they offer an optional spring-assisted lift that automatically raises the table height by 3 inches if you want it a little higher for comfortable play.  When going from pool table to dining table, you can leave all the balls and even the cue sticks right on the felt — just cover them up with the dining tabletops and everything is ready for supper.

Construction is powder-coated rigid steel for the table frame, with a wooden top.  The pool table features K66-type rails, Simonis worsted cloth, and a unique flat-pocket system that allows the whole implementation to look seamless.

No pricing is listed for the Fusion Tables, but they do provide a list of dealers, so you can inquire if you’re interested.

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