Dip Clips Add Unlimited Sauce Options To Your Plate

Everybody likes dips and sauces.  And sometimes, you just can’t have enough of them.  It’s usually no problem when eating at the dinner table at home.  When you’re standing around with a plate in hand at the tailgate or a picnic, however, having convenient access to your favorite condiments isn’t quite as simple.  That’s where the Dip Clips come in.

These are, basically, mini-bowls with a clip on the side that lets you attach them to the edges of your plate.  You can attach one, two or as many as will fit, allowing you to arm your plate with half a dozen sauces, dips and condiments within easy reach, while remaining manageable to carry around.  No more balancing acts with three extra saucers on top of your plate and no more vomit-inducing mess of a dinner plate with three sauces all mixed in together — it’s a veritable life saver.

Each Dip Clip measures 3 x 3 x 1.6 inches with a 1/3-cup capacity, giving you ample container space to hold a good amount of hot sauce, guacamole, salsa, soy sauce or whatever else you want to drown the flavor of your food in.  It should work on most any type of plate, including paper plates, so you can enjoy them whether you’re snacking on the living room watching a game, having a picnic at the beach, or sneaking food into your bedroom late at night because you have an eating disorder and food makes you feel loved.  Yeah, you probably need a therapist for that.

The Dip Clips are available now, priced at $8.49 for a set of four.

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