Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit Offers First Aid For Nuclear Fallouts


Last night was awesome – ten beers, an entire carton of pizza and a bunch of other greasy fare.  You come to work, get in an elevator with ten other people and feel the sudden need to blow gas.  With a squint in your eyes and a grimace in your face, it finally slips out – a stinky, smelly dirty bomb that brings everyone within the four walls of the passenger elevator to their demise.

Well, the Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit won’t protect erstwhile hygienic citizens from that.  Instead, it’s cut out for the real lethal stuff, such as radioactive explosions and nuclear bombs.

A complete detection, decontamination and protection package, the $250 package contains everything you’ll need to survive an unexpected radiological incident.  Think of it as a first aid kit, designed to keep you alive before the government employees in rad-suits show up.

The kit includes two military-grade RADTriage Personal Radiation Detector, Quick Decon Mass Effect solutions for decontamination, four pairs of vinyl gloves, radioactive waste bags, decontamination wipes, four particulate face masks and a number of other products you can use for immediate treatment and protection.  Honestly, it sounds like a great deal for $250, not to mention excessively cool to be armed with a full first aid kit in the event of a nuclear fallout (however unlikely the prospects of that might seem).

Word of warning, though.  The set comes in a yellow carrying case with a big red label declaring it as the Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit, which is about the easiest way to send people around you into a paranoid frenzy.  No word on whether it will work for zombie infestations, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

[ via Defense Tech]