Discovery Channel Valentine’s Special Shows You How Dinos Do It…In Graphical Detail


Got no date on Valentine's?  Might be a good time to watch some dirty television.  No, we are not talking about Pay Per View channel on your cable.  Instead, we're referring to the Discovery Channel special on dinosaur mating, called Tyrannosaurus Sex.  Hot!

Tyrannosaurus Sex doesn't just answer the questions, it shows dinosaur sex in all its glory.

That's a direct quote from the press release, which sounds like one half enticement and one half threat.   Shot after shot of giant beasts getting it on in the middle of the jungle?  What could be sexier?  Get the popcorn ready, load up the fridge with beer and prepare for some saucy CGI.  We can worry about the nightmares later.

The one-hour program, produced by the Locomotive Entertainment Group, purports to illuminate any aspect of dinosaur reproduction that you don't understand.  You know, the kind of thing you always wondered about while watching Jurassic Park, but were too afraid to ask.  We don't know what specific questions you had in mind, but it sure was interesting looking at the production team's, which, as it turns out, includes "How did a Stegosaurus couple negotiate sex with all those deadly plates and spikes?" and "How did a female Titanosaur support the weight of a male who was as long as a four-story building is high?"  My, my, what curious folks you are.

Watching animals rail each other has never been my thing.  Just in case my Valentine's date falls through, however, this has now made it as my official backup plan.   Tyrannosaurus Sex premieres on February 14th at 10PM Eastern.  Start with the volume low, though, just in case the production team decided to have a ball with the screams and grunts.  Might end up too terrifying.

[Press Release via TV By The Numbers, Image via Geekologie]