These Plates Are So Gross And Creepy, You’ll Skip Meals And Lose Weight

Remember when the year started?  Yes, when you promised to eat less and lose weight.  Well, that didn’t happen.  And now that the year is ending, you’re feeling bad about losing another year of opportunity to get healthy.  Well, there’s still hope.  And we have a feeling these DISH Series Plates can help tone down your appetite.

Created by the NYC-based Patella Bros, it’s a limited edition series of ceramic plates screen printed with realistic-looking unappetizing fare.  And, no, we don’t mean the cafeteria food you put up with in grade school.  It’s worse.

Basically, each plate in the DISH Series comes with a gross, creepy or otherwise appetite-suppressing graphic of pseudo-food that looks like they’re actually on the plate.  Options include a variety of sumptuous insects lying on their backs, a delicious chunk of rock with nails and a cockroach swimming in an orange gel, a mouthwatering live snail with a side of caterpillar and green grapes, and, basically, other gross stuff that you’d probably never attempt to chow down unless someone puts a gun to your head (or threatens to break your phone — “Please, not the phone”).

Each plate measures 10.5 inches in diameter, with food-safe ink print, so you can use it to eat meals like any actual plate around the house.  If you can stomach the graphic waiting under the food, that is. They offer 13 different designs, each one available separately or as set.

The DISH Series Plates are available from Artware Editions, priced at $95 each.

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