Displate: Steel-Printed Art Posters For Drill-Free Mounting

God invented posters so you can hang art on your apartment without breaking the terms of your lease.  The sucky part?  Unless you’re a kid in school, hanging unframed posters just makes your home look juvenile as heck; but when you start using frames, you’ll need to install mounting hardware and, pretty much, give up your security deposit.  Fortunately, those aren’t the only options with Displate’s full metal prints.

Instead of putting the images on stock poster paper, the company lays the art, graphics and photographs across metal plates that are as sturdy and stable as a framed piece of art.  Even better, there’s no drilling and no screws needed to mount it up a wall — just attach the included stick-on magnet on the wall surface and put the plates up.

Displate makes high-quality prints in thick 2-pound steel plates that measure 17.7 x 12.6 inches.  Since it’s steel, the thing won’t tear, won’t crease, and won’t wear over the years.  Combine that with the print’s water- and fade-resistance, and you’ve got a piece of art that can truly stand the test of rowdy house parties, multiple moves, and the passage of time.  Even the wrath of an angry girlfriend won’t be enough to destroy them, unless she manages to get her hands on a Hard Disk Mangler or something.

As of now, the company has partnered with over 100 artists who have agreed to sell prints of their creations in Displate’s medium.  There’s a wide selection, which include paintings, illustrations, and photographs in a variety of subject matters.  Prices start at $65.

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