DIY Instant Underpants: Just Add Water For A Fresh Pair Of Undies

For some reason, this product reminds me of water dissolving bikini, albeit a polar opposite brother of it. Anyway, Keeping a fresh pair of underwear in a drawer somewhere in the office is never a bad idea.  Between spicy Mexican and Indian food at lunch and last night’s drinking binge, you just never know when an accident can explode in your pants. If keeping actual underwear in an office drawer is more likely to get you teased by nosy co-workers, though, the DIY Instant Underpants might offer a less overt alternative.

An underwear disguised as a pellet measuring 2.5 inches in diameter, it’s small enough to squeeze into a hidden nook of your cubicle’s storage facilities, making it difficult for people to find when they’re digging through your stuff in search of incriminating objects to make fun of you with.  That way, you can keep an extra underwear without actually keeping anything that looks like one, minimizing the chances Bob from legal will manage to take pictures of your knickers for submission on the office version of Gossip Girl on Instagram.

To use, simply drop the DIY Instant Underpants pellet to water and let it soak.  Once sufficiently wet, the compressed layers will begin to separate, at which point, you can help the process along by prying the layers apart.  Once fully unfurled, it will reveal a functional-looking pair of underpants that you can use for those times of emergency when the ones you’re wearing end up a victim of too much curry and Sriracha in your diet.

Do note, this appears to be a novelty funny gag gift rather than a functional pair of underpants, although it does look like it can serve the undergarment function in a sloppily acceptable manner.  The product page warns the final underpants is a little small, though, likely to only fit kids and smaller adults.

The DIY Instant Underpants is available from Thinkgeek, priced at $3.99.

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