Conan The Librarian Would Be Proud: The DIY Library Kit

So, you still buy physical books.  Those things will probably be vintage collector’s items by the time your children reach drinking age, so  treat them like the future treasure that they are with the DIY Library Kit, which gets you everything you need to turn a regular book collection into a personal library.

The rarer things are, the cooler they get.  With libraries dying off faster than an endangered animal species, it might be the perfect time to equip your house with one.  Really, in twenty years, that would be cooler than  the dedicated gaming room you have now.  Your friends will be coming over to marvel at your wide selection of bound volumes and bloggers will be singing your praises.

With the DIY Library Kit, you get everything you need to turn your pile of books into an actual library.  You get self-adhesive pockets for sticking on the flipside of the back cover, checkout cards so your friends can borrow them, a rubber stamp for marking due dates and a pencil for labeling the books.

Only twenty pockets and cards come with the set, which aren’t nearly enough for even a small library.  Refill kits are available, though, each one with enough materials to let you add another fifteen selections to your shelves.

The DIY Library Kit is available for $14.99, with refills available for $5.99.  Don’t worry about the cash – you should easily make that back charging people stiff fines to borrow your volumes in the future.  We promise.