DIY Sailboat Kit: How To Impress Your Wife By Saying You Are Building A Boat From Scratch

Sure, you can always just buy a little sailboat for taking with you during the summer’s weekend trips.  But why not impress the wife and kids by pretending to build one from scratch?   That’s exactly what you can do with the DIY Sailboat Kit.

Made by the Balmain Boat Company, it’s a DIY sailboat kit that includes everything you need to assemble your own little sailer.  Everything is pre-cut, too, so you don’t have to do any difficult cutting work (not that you have to admit that to anybody else) — just follow the instructions to put the individual parts together and you’ve got yourself a real boat you can take down the waters.

The DIY Sailboat Kit includes all the individual plywood pieces, screws, nails, glue, and even marine sealants for building your boat, as well as the mast, boom, gaff, sail and rope for catching the winds during your boat rides.  You’ll need a hammer, a caulking gun and a drill, though, so make sure you have those ready if you’re trying to impress the wife and kids with your crazy boatbuilding skills.  It ships in a flat-packed box measuring 3,000 x 700 x 230 mm that turns into a 3,000 x 1,300 x 515 mm boat once completely put together.

According to the product page, the boat takes approximately 30 hours to complete, so it will probably take you about 60, which still sounds awesome.  You’ll need to give the epoxy and sealant two weeks to set, though, so don’t just drive down to the beach as soon as you finish the thing.

You can order the DIY Sailboat Kit directly from the BBCo website, priced at $2,590.

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