DIY Tank Headphones Are A Blank Canvas For Your Art

Your favorite pair of Beats headphones are cool, but it could be way better.  Like, if it actually sounded as good as a Sennheiser, cleaned your ear while you listened to music, and allowed you to customize its look drastically, you’ll like it a lot more.  While the DIY Tank Headphones can’t do anything about the first two, it should be able to help you out with the latter.

Made by Aerial 7, it sports a unique customizable design that lets you dress up your private listening contraption a heck of a lot. That way, you don’t have to put up with headphones that look exactly the same as everybody else’s — just whip out the art supplies, work your skills on the thing, and you’ve got yourself a one-of-its-kind piece.

While it doesn’t quite let you pick and choose the actual parts that go into your headphones (no diamond-encrusted drivers for you), the DIY Tank Headphones does let you deck every nook and cranny of its exterior any way you please.  Shipping as a blank all-white canvas, you can draw, paint, and bedazzle the heck out of it any way you please.  Want a Black Ops 2-themed headphone to celebrate your addiction to the COD series?  Pull out the Sharpies and start drawing.  How about a cheesy Christmas theme for giving to your family?  Bust out the graffiti supplies and get to work.  Whether you’ve got art school skills or simply enjoy doodling, you should be able to personalize this to your specifications — just don’t blame us if the end product looks like an uncoordinated second-grader’s art project.

The headphone body is made from synthetic nylon, which makes it an ideal canvas for your artistic expression.  Features include 57mm drivers, swiveling ear cups with a spring return, pliable headband for comfort and two included cables (a thick coiled one and a thin straight one).

The Aerial 7 DIY Tank Headphones are available now, priced at $100.

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