Do You Want A Video Projector For Your iPhone


Just when it seems that it could not be remotely even possible for the iPhone or iPod to incorporate any more functions than they do, just when it seems that Apple have milked every penny they can from the accessories, along comes an independent third party to cash in on the success of the iGadgetry. Yes, there are no shortage of companies releasing headsets that ‘match’ or even better Apple’s own, no shortage of people bringing out fancier and freakier covers and random accessories. In fact, I was beginning to get quite sick of seeing such accessories around and about.


However, the MiLi Pro is the first accessory of its type I have personally seen. It will be available in September 2009 and looks to take the market by storm. But what is it? Well essentially, it is a micro video projector, that will project images and video from your iPod or iPhone onto a surface up to 70 inches away. Well the stated range is between 5 and 70 inches, with 40 inches cited as optimal. This certainly saves any straining and means you can share your videos without a crowd trying to gather around those tiny LCD screens. It has integrated speakers, high quality and bright projection technology and is entirely rechargeable with up to a three hour battery life. You charge it via, like so many things, USB! It will display in a resolution of up to 640 x 480 and is entirely portable being both compact and light.

Yes, this really is palm sized, so you actually can take it out with you without a removals van to assist. In the package, they include two extra cables. The VGA cable enables you to connect the MiLi Pro directly to your computer’s VGA port. The RCA cable will allow you to connect most standard AV equipment sources such as DVD players and so on. So you see, it does come with everything you need. As I said, this is available in September 2009 from PhoneSuit .