You’ll Always Be Ready To Fish With Docooler’s Pen-Sized Rod And Mini-Reel


You had a bad day hunting. You caught no game, broke an ankle, and will eat nothing but your own words because you didn’t pack enough extra food, undeservedly confident in your own hunting abilities. Yeah, it’s bad. Fortunately, you catch sight of a stream that seems to be teeming with fish. Unfortunately, you don’t have a rod and reel because the darn hunting bow took too much space in the pack. If only you brought along a Docooler Pen Fishing Rod and Reel, you won’t have to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to find some edible leaves.

A miniature fishing rod and baitcasting reel, it lets you bring functional fishing equipment that doesn’t require a lot of space. That way, you can fish for sustenance any time the need comes up, whether you realize you suck at hunting, get your food stolen by a bear, or find yourself lost in the woods for an inordinate amount of time.


The Docooler Pen Fishing Rod and Reel consists of a telescoping rod that measures just 7.87 inches when pulled in (it stretches to 37.87 inches during use) and a miniature reel with line (180-yard spooling capacity) that can fit in a backpack pouch. To use, simply attach the reel using the pair of grooves in the pen body, get the line in order, and you’re set. Construction is aluminum alloy for the reel, with fiberglass and aluminum alloy for the rod. And, yes, you can really catch fish with this thing, despite the compact size.

Want one? The Docooler Pen Fishing Rod and Reel is priced at just under $15.

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