DodeCal Is A 12-Sided Wooden Calendar For Your Desk


Desk calendars usually take the form of pads that stand upright on your table – they’re easily visible and take up minimal desk space, making them ideal for office use. The DodeCal offers a three-dimensional alternative.

A 2017 calendar, it’s an oversized 12-sided polyhedron, with each face sporting the days for one calendar month of the year. Just position the figure to have the current month facing out front and you’re good, with a calendar that’s bound to attract more attention than any traditional datebook.


While traditional dodecahedrons use five-sided faces, the DodeCal uses a rhombic-dodecahedron design in order to turn out diamond-shaped faces. This allows it to display the calendar month, which are laser-engraved onto each individual side, similar to desk pad calendars, making it easy to check with nothing but a quick glance. Construction is sycamore wood, with each polyhedron individually cut in a CNC machine, machine-sanded, and finished by hand.


Each polyhedron, by the way, measures 125 x 90 x 90 mm, so it’s small enough to fit in your palm, making it quite the fun toy to fiddle with for those times you’re trying to kill time in a lazy afternoon. And, yes, you can totally use it as a giant dice for whatever purpose it might serve in the workplace.

The first run of Dodecal, which was limited to 100 units has just sold out. They are, however, producing a second run, which you can pre-order directly from the website. Price is £79.

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