Does This Computer Make Me Look Fat?

glacier_w200The Ridgeline W200 is a wearable computer that brings the whole idea of mobile computing to a whole new level.  The tiny computer can be worn on your wrist and will keep your hands free as well as saving on your battery power by detecting when the device is being held down alongside your body.

Of course, there are tiny computers all over the market that will provide you with more computing power than the Ridgeline W200, and this little machine was designed for more of an emergency use.  It is geared toward users who will need computing power on the job and out in the field without having to hold on to a hand held device.  The wrist design is meant to offer convenience for those who need to compute on the job.

The device has some impressive connectivity options and is made to be connected continuously regardless of where you are located.  The machine will connect with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS which will allow the user to have connection options available that will guarantee their continuous connection.

It only weighs 10.2 ounces and has a 3.5 touchscreen display.  The Ridgeline W200 also has eleven keys that are lit for easy use in low light situations.  It is a particularly hardy machine that will hold up well on the job and in adverse weather conditions such as freezing temperatures.  Keep an eye out for this to hit the market in the future.  There is no word on how much it will cost you to have the convenience of this device.