Dog House Sofa: A Couch For The Master, A Room For The Pets

If you have pets in the house, they need a place to call their own. Otherwise, they’ll just infringe on your space, jumping in your bed while you’re resting or sleeping on your lap while watching shows on your Sony Ultra HD TV.  The Dog House Sofa seeks to give your mutt their own space, all without adding any unsightly items in the house.

Made by Korean pet-centric brand mPup and designed by Seungji Mun, the seating furniture features an armrest/mini-table that doubles as a comfy dog house.  Viewed from the front or back, you won’t even notice the existence of a dog house — just a very stylish couch with a contemporary design.

Under the Dog House Sofa’s armrest on the right end, though, sits a functional space for your pet, complete with a bed where they can get their rest after a day of chasing cockroaches in the basement.  We can’t find details on dimensions, but the sofa itself can sit two, with the dog house also able to fit a pair of small dogs or a single mid-sized breed.  Sofa frame is constructed from ash wood.

If you don’t have pets, the dog house area can also act as a storage space for dumping your stuff in.  Bonus: you don’t have to walk over to the side of the couch to pick up the remote — just stick your hand under the armrest and everything in the space should be easily accessible.

No word on availability or pricing for the Dog House Sofa, but it’s definitely a piece anyone with a pet should consider when it drops.

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