Dogbrella Shelters Your Dog From The Rain

My dog hates water falling on his face.  So if it’s raining (like today), there’s no walk for the bastard, making him extra-energetic (read: crazy and spastic) at home the entire day.  Unless we’re able get him this: the Dogbrella.

An umbrella for dogs, it takes a standard bumbershoot and puts the handle on top, so you can hold it upside down (if you hold it like a regular umbrella, it will just collect water).  A short leash is attached to the center of the umbrella, which should help keep your mutt right under it.  Clever.

The Dogbrella has a canopy measuring 29 inches in diameter, allowing you to shelter most common pet canines.  Because it’s made from clear 8-gauge polypropylene, you can watch the dog walking under while it brushes off everything that drops on its surface.  Do note that the rain splattering from the umbrella will probably end up on your face, so consider this a form of sacrifice for the benefit of your four-legged friend with the nasty breath.

If you’ve got a dog the size of Scooby Doo, this probably won’t do.  Those within 24 inches long and 15 lbs in weight should have no problem safely hiding under the water-safe cocoon, though.  The Dogbrella is on retail for $29.95. Buy Now