Dojo Is A Learning Device That Secures Your Smart Home From Online Threats


A fully-connected smart home enables unique conveniences that can genuinely improve your living quality, apart from potentially saving you money down the line. Problem is, the same connectivity means your home is now open to the same dangers that threaten your computers and smartphones whenever you go online. Dojo is designed to help with that.

Billed as a “smart home security gateway,” the device connects to your home network and serves as a watchdog, monitoring the internet activity of all your smart gadgets, whether it’s the smart lock on the door, the security camera in the living room or the smart thermostat. Aside from watching out for known threats, it keeps track of usage patterns for every smart gadget in the house, constantly checking for deviances that could point towards security issues. Simply put, anything that’s out of the ordinary automatically gets flagged, allowing you to get on top of potential problems before they get worse.


Dojo is a pebble-shaped device that can be placed anywhere around the house, with an accompanying dock where the device can charge wirelessly. It works with an accompanying app, where you can find alerts and notifications, with the pebble glowing any time there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Unlike most security apps, it uses a chat-like interface and natural language for communication, making it feel like you’re interacting with a person instead of a security robot that learns and recognizes patterns.


Obviously, the success of a tech like Dojo will hinge on how good its learning and pattern-recognition abilities turn out to be. If you’re interested in finding out for yourself, it’s now available preorder with a March ship date, priced at $99.

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