Take A Stroll Among The Clouds In Dolni Morava’s Sky Walk


Ever wished you could ride a roller coaster, but at slower speeds, so you have time to gather your senses and brace yourself with every twist and turn? While it’s not an amusement park ride, the Dolni Morava Sky Walk kind of comes close, giving you a roller coaster-like structure that you can explore on your feet.

Similar to the Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain, the looping structure mimics the appearance of an old-fashioned roller coaster, with twists, turns, and winding tracks that extend up into the sky. Except, instead of riding a cart along the tracks, you’re restricted to walking around it, so you can scale the height at your own pace, enjoying the scenery the entire length of the way.


Produced by Fránek Architects, the Dolni Morava Sky Walk is a 180-foot tall wood and steel walkway that stands at a cliff towering at 3,600 feet above sea level. It’s perched somewhere in the Králický Sněžník mountain in the Czech Republic, where visitors can climb to enjoy panoramic views of the Morava river and Krkonoše Mountains. According to the architects, the goal is to impart visitors with the intense sensation of walking among the clouds, making for an experience that’s unlike any other. While you can take the scenic route of the tracks both up and down the structure, there’s also a spiral set of stairs that allows for faster descent and even a slide that leads to an exit ramp if you want to get down in a jiffy. Additionally, there are nets and nests scattered along the structure, where you can lie down to enjoy the view from a slightly different angle.


The Dolni Morava Sky Walk opened to the public on Dec 5.


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