Dolores Chiller Beer Cooler Hides Under Messenger Bag

Want to have a cold beer every now and again…while doing a spreadsheet…in the office?  If you thought there was no chance of getting away with that, you might want to reconsider your strategy.  Timbuk2’s Dolores Chiller is a Classic Messenger bag that’s been converted into a fully-working cooler, allowing you to carry a stack of beer on ice, while looking no different than an ordinary satchel.

That’s right.  No need to make do with a stack of warm beer under your desk drawer, camouflage it with aluminum foil in the freezer or raise your supervisor’s suspicions by carrying an actual cooler to work.  Just throw a six pack in the messenger bag, fill it with ice and walk to your cubicle just like every other drone around you.  Once you get a little stressed, pop one and it all goes away.

Able to hold at least 12 cans of your favorite brew, the Dolores Chiller features a fully-insulated interior that keeps those drinks chilled throughout the day.  Waterproof TPU lining keeps all the moisture inside, so there’s no sign you’re even carrying a single cube of ice.  The bag itself is extremely low-profile, with a ballistic nylon exterior and an adjustable side-cam shoulder strap.  They even threw in a red metal cap opener on the strap, in case you prefer to carry bottles around.

Don’t care about getting drunk in the middle of the day?  No problem.  The Dolores Chiller plays nice as a regular cooler too, keeping your sodas and juices cool for an afternoon at the park.  It’s available for $110.  Beer not included.

You can Check it out at Timbuk2