Dometic Go Hard Storage 50L Protects Your Gear In Rugged Aluminum

We know Dometic for their portable fridges, which have become a staple in many RVs, motorhomes, and overlanding setups. They deliver impressive refrigerating functions, all while being rugged enough for adventure. The outfit takes that latter quality and applies it to storage containers with the Dometic Go Hard Storage 50L.

Just like their 12V portable fridges, Dometic’s storage box is designed for the outdoors, allowing you to pack your gear in rugged containers that can handle both roughhousing and the elements with equal aplomb. Whether you’re camping, fishing, or scouring the local backcountry for the presence of Bigfoot, this thing gives you a proper container for securely transporting all your stash.

The Dometic Go Hard Storage 50L is a rugged hard shell case, with the main walls cut in aluminum and various parts molded in impact-resistant polymer, ensuring your gear is duly protected from bumps, knocks, and other blunt at all times. It’s also waterproof and dustproof, so you can leave the container out in the rain without soaking all of its contents, making it doubly reliable, regardless of weather conditions. The whole thing is stackable, too, so you can pile one case on top of another to minimize footprint in the trunk or the roof during transport.

It has a protective lid that can handle a good amount of weight, so you should be able to use it as a bench when you need to rest your legs in a pinch, with a pair of latches that keep the lid securely shut. There are built-in side handles for easily moving it around at camp, as well as tie-down points to keep it from moving around the trunk while you’re driving. They put lock holes on the handles, too, allowing you to keep it shut with a padlock if you want to keep people out of a box housing your more valuable stuff.

The Dometic Go Hard Storage 50L is available now, priced at $119.99.

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