Domino’s DRU Is A Pizza Delivery Robot


Drones may be the obvious first choice for a modern delivery robot.  When it comes to hot food and cold drinks, though, a small drone is hardly the best choice if you want everything to arrive at anything other than crappy room temperature.  That’s what makes the DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) a more suitable choice for the job.

Built from a modified military-grade robot from Marathon Robotics, the automaton won’t just transports pizzas and sodas from the store to your house, it will keep everything at ideal temperatures, too.  That means, your pizza arrives hot and your drinks come in cold – exactly the way they’re supposed to.


The DRU is a four-wheeled robot that uses onboard GPS to autonomously navigate its course to a delivery location, traveling across bike paths and foot paths to get there.  Onboard sensors allow it to recognize obstacles along the way, with the robot capably maneuvering its way around them to make its way to the destination.  Integrated lights ensure they resemble the familiar bleeping and blooping robots of our sci-fi dreams, apart from ensuring it stays visible when making nighttime deliveries.


Each robot comes with two insulated chambers – one for holding piping hot pizzas and another for keeping ice cold drinks.  The chambers are locked and will only slide up after you’ve punched in a unique code that you receive when first placing an order, so bored teenage kids won’t find it all too easy to steal your food while the bot makes it way to the front door.

Check out the video below to see the DRU in action.

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