Domio Turns Any Helmet Into A Personal Surround Sound Setup


Want to listen to music while riding a bike or boarding down a powdered slope? Pop in a pair of headphones and you’re good to go. Problem is, doing that makes you unaware of the surroundings, leaving you potentially susceptible to accidents that could have been otherwise averted. While mounting a small speaker to your belt or jacket could do the trick, the Domio Helmet Audio should offer a more suitable solution.

No, it’s not merely a speaker that mounts onto helmets. Instead, this unconventional device uses a special type of micro-vibration technology to transmit sound waves through the helmet itself, turning the headwear into your personal surround sound setup. That’s right, the helmet turns into a speaker for your personal listening pleasure.


Designed to work with any type of sport helmet (yes, even your Batman motorcycle helmet), the Domio uses an included pair of adhesive mounts to secure itself to the headgear’s surface, at which point you can start using it like any Bluetooth speaker. With just a single button controlling power and a volume dial, it enables dead simple operation, while the compact size (1 x 2.5 inches, height x diameter) and lightweight build (6.3 oz) ensures it doesn’t interfere with your activities.


Since it’s meant for use in action sports, the puck-shaped contraption is IPX5 water-resistant, shockproof (tested to brush off six-foot drops), and operational at low temperatures (up to -20 Celsius). It comes with seven hours of battery life.

Now available for preorder with a fall delivery schedule, the Domio is priced at $49.

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