Donky Bike Maximizes Cargo Space

Sometimes, you need to haul more than a couple bags of grocery on your bicycle’s handlebar crate.  And when you those times come, there’s no choice — you have to take multiple trips.  That might change with the Donky, a bicycle created specifically for cargo-carrying duties.

Instead of a simple basket hanging across the handlebar or a platform on the rear for hauling items, the bike features two cargo spaces — one in front and another in the rear.    You can probably even install a small basket along the handlebar or tie a plastic bag around the horizontal frame if you need a more space.

The Donky’s generous cargo capacity comes courtesy of a strong square beam integrated within the bicycle’s frame, whose job is to distribute the load from the front and back racks throughout the bike’s frame.  As such, it doesn’t just give you two racks to load stuff onto — they can also carry a lot more weight than regular cargo bikes.   And since there’s no weight on the handlebars (provided you didn’t add a basket, of course), steering and handling aren’t affected negatively.

Features include a tough all-steel  frame, a removable rack system (both racks can be taken out if you just want to take a leisurely ride), built-in wheel lock, alloy V-brakes, BMX-style wheels and Shimano twist-grip gear selector.  Sure, that horizontal beam doesn’t make for the sleekest-looking ride, but this is the kind of thing you buy for utility over style.

You can get the Donky in either black or green finishes directly from the product website.  Price is steep, though, at £499.

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