Doughnut To-Go Is A Dedicated Donut Carrying Case

Got a precious donut you want to protect from harm?  House it in Doughnut To-Go, an amusing, little carrying case built to transport one ring-shaped friedcake.

Designed to do one and one thing alone, the molded container can hold any conventionally-shaped fried dough without messing up any part of the holed pastry.  It’s made from an adequately hard polypropylene material, allowing you to throw the whole thing in a bag without turning it into a shapeless mass.

Measuring 155 x 115 x 41 mm, Doughnut To-Go is made up of two detachable fold-out parts with a snap closure for locking into place.  Since the case comes in multiple colors, you can combine different components for an even jazzier carrying container.   It has two holes right under the handles, too, where you can slap on a padlock each for even greater protection.

The donut-holding part of the case comes with multiple tiny holes, which the makers refer to as a “passive ventilation system.”  It’s microwavable, as well, so you can quickly heat it up if you like your doughy treats warm and fresh.  Oh yeah, the tiny opening in the center of the case can hold a lollipop (or a toothpick, if you’d rather take one).

Available strictly in Japan, the Doughnut To-Go is priced at approximately $12.

[Rakuten via Technabob]