Doodle Tablecloth Is A Drawing-Friendly Cover Spread For The Dinner Table

Kids and crayons at the dinner table makes for a disastrous recipe.  But it also makes for quiet kids who actually sit through dinner in peace.  The Doodle Tablecloth removes the disaster part from the equation.

A doodle-friendly tablecloth, the covering spread is printed with lines, holes, and red margins that make it look like a giant graphing paper.  That makes it perfect for playing tic-tac-toe, drawing pixel art and other pen-to-paper tomfoolery children are likely to enjoy.

The Doodle Tablecloth is a washable cotton spread that measures 6 x 5 feet, giving you plenty of space to work some fancy art on.  It comes with 8 multi-colored fabric markers that will wash out once you throw the set onto a hot washing machine cycle.  You can also use other types of washable markers, just make sure to test them on one corner first (and see if they come off) before going wild on the whole spread.

Sure, your dining table won’t look like a picture of cleanliness with doodles all over.  It’s way better than hyperactive children who can’t be forced to sit through a 20-minute lunch, though.  Thinkgeek even suggests using it as a battle map for your D&D sessions.  Yep, turns out people still play paper and dice RPG at this day and age.

Since the Doodle Tablecloth  is just a large piece of fabric, we’re pretty sure you can use them in any table that ends up a victim to your children’s incessant doodling, like the coffee table or your desk.  It’s available now, priced at  $49.99.

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