This Door Filter Keeps Odors, Fumes, And Allergens Out Of Your Apartment


Most people in apartment buildings tend to be considerate, opening the windows and directing any vapors stenching their apartment outside, rather than seeping through the door cracks straight into the halls. Unfortunately, not everyone is as considerate and their stench ends up passing from the hall straight under your door. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with it if you just install this Door Filter.

An air filter that installs at the bottom of your door, it’s designed to keep odors and fumes from outside your apartment from sneaking in. Whether you’re living next to stoners who like to fire up their Knockout Bongs multiple times throughout the day, culinary geeks who cook the strangest-smelling cuisines, or just plain weird people whose apartment always smells rotten, this is absolutely the thing to help keep your home smelling with nothing but the admittedly rancid stench of your used shoes.


Designed to “improve the indoor air quality” inside apartment units, the Door Filter uses a removable dense particulate filter that secures to the bottom of the inside face of your pad’s front door. Not only will it block out odors and fumes, it will also keep out dust and insects, as well as decrease external light and noise. It features small openings (vent blades) in the structure to allow air to pass through, ensuring your home’s ventilation isn’t compromised. Replacing the filter is easy, too, allowing you to simply pull out an old cartridge from the top and slip a new one in.


Available now, the Door Filter is priced at $49.99.

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