DoorBot Doorbell Streams Video And Two-Way Communication To Your Phone

There’s a girl at your door.  It’s your long-lost daughter who decided to come home after spending the last ten years working as a mercenary for a covert organization.  Unfortunately, she came at the wrong time because you’re working the night shift.  So she leaves, dejected, and ends up never coming back always wondering whether you were actually home or not that night and just didn’t open the door. It’s a sad tale that we all could have avoided if you only had a DoorBot.

A high-tech doorbell, it comes with a camera and communication hardware that allows you to see and talk to whoever’s at your door from a smartphone.  That way, you never have to miss important visitors again — just check your phone when the doorbell is rung and you can decide what to do from there.

DoorBot is a weather-resistant and durable wireless doorbell that streams live video of your home’s front doorstep over WiFi.  It comes with a night vision camera, too, so you can see clearly even in the dark.  Speaker and mic are onboard for two-way communication, with a blue LED ring around the button to alert visitors that’s where they should be pressing (seriously, we bet folks will still press the large thing covering up the lens).  The entire system is self-contained, with integrated rechargeable battery (good for one year on a full charge) and audio, although it can also be wired to existing doorbell systems if you want to keep the same familiar ringing sound you’ve used throughout the years.

Designed for quick installation, it can be set up in your front door within a few minutes.  The brushed aluminum faceplate is locked with a proprietary key, so no one can simply walk up and pry it out of place.  The system works with Lockitron, too, so you can quickly unlock the door if the visitor is someone you’d actually want to let in.






Slated to ship October 1st, the DoorBot is now available for preorder, priced at $199.

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