Doorman Gives You An Excuse To Put A Door Knob On The Wall


A door knob has long made for a great place to hang your stuff, whether it be a coat, an umbrella, or a tote bag you like to carry to work. So why not just put more door knobs in the house and use them to hold your stuff, right? That’s exactly what they did with the Doorman.

Designed to look like a traditional door knob, it comes with a knob handle on top and a key hole at the bottom. Rather than going on doors, though, it’s designed to be mounted on the wall, giving you a place to keep your keys (just insert them on the keyhole) and hang your gear that also happens to make whatever surface it’s on look like a door. Awesome.


Want to confuse people who visit your house? Mount a Doorman on the opposite side of every door’s actual knob inside the house and make them think twice which one they should use to open them. Oh yeah, make sure you use the actual door knob to hang your bags and coats, so there’s little chance they’ll choose it. Yeah, that will be fun.

If nothing else, this should make for an excellent decorative hook to keep by the front door, giving you a place to leave your work bag and keys that also happens to make it look like you have two front doors. It measures 16.5 x 6 x 7 cm, with ABS plastic construction.

Available now, the Doorman is priced at $19.50.

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