Doormat Chivato Reveals Your Weight Every Time You Wipe Your Feet, There’s No Escape


Want to freak out your houseguests whenever they come to your house?  Greet them with the Doormat Chivato, a weighing scale disguised as an innocent foot wiper sitting right by the door.

Keep forgetting to check in with the bathroom scale every morning?   This should fill in quite nicely, since you’re getting an eyeful of how much heft you’re carrying every time you come in and leave the house.  Even better, it lets you check out how much your friends and neighbors weigh when they come in.  That way, you’ll know who to invite to your party when you’re trying to save on food expenses.

The Doormat Chivato is a slim-panel weighing instrument with 29.9 x 17.7 x 0.2 inch dimensions.  Covered with 100% coconut fabric up top and along the sides, it looks like an innocent place to wipe your feet in – until you notice the small window near the top.  It uses a mechanical system (so no need for batteries or any sort of power supply) to measure your weight, provided you’re within 160 kg or less.  By god, I hope you are; otherwise, you probably won’t fit in my cramped apartment’s tiny door.

If you can stomach seeing how much weight you’re gaining by the day (or just really, really hate your visitors), then this should prove a nifty addition to your doorway.   Word of warning: you better learn some Spanish if you’re going to order one, since the sales page is written in Magellan’s mother tongue.  That’s right, a Magellan reference on a blog post about something totally unrelated.  My life is complete.

[Curiosite Spanish via Gearfuse]