This Fitness Tower Turns Your Doorway Into Versatile Exercise Station


You know those Iron Gym things that you set up at the top of the doorway to give you an instant spot to do pull-ups and chin-ups to your heart’s content? It’s awesome. But why stop at the top when you can turn the entire doorway into one big exercise machine? That’s exactly what they do with the Doorway Fitness Tower.

Instead of simply giving you pull up bars for working your lats and biceps, this thing adds facilities for working your core, your chest, your triceps, and even your lower body. We’re not entirely sure how you’re supposed to work out your legs on this thing, but we guess it’s some body weight thing that uses the contraption for balance or grip, similar to how you’d do squats and lunges on a suspension trainer.


The Doorway Fitness Tower starts out, naturally, with an Iron Gym-style setup that puts pull-up bars at the top of the doorway. You can stop there if you’re only planning to do back workouts, so you can use it much like a standard pull-up bar. Otherwise, you can start adding all the different components, starting with a frame designed to provide back support that hooks onto the bar and finishing off with dip bars that sit around waist-height.

What can you do with this thing? A lot. You can, of course, do pull-ups and chin-ups to develop your lats and guns into bulging beasts ready for the beach come summer, as well do hanging leg raises, all using nothing but the weight-bearing top bar. With the hanging frame on, you can do inverted rows at different angles (the frame can swing from the top bar), as well as use the frame to hold your legs while doing push-ups to put more of the stress on the upper chest and shoulders. With the dip bars in place, you can, of course, do dips and supported leg raises, complete with a padded section in the frame to support your lower back. The dip bars, by the way, are height-adjustable, so you can put them for lower if you need the added support of the floor.


The Doorway Fitness Tower can fit any doorway between 24 to 36 inches, since the main weight-bearing bar is telescoping, so you can make it shorter or longer as needed. The recommended maximum weight is 200 pounds, which means as you long as you’re in the low 200s, you’re probably good to use this. Do note, the thing will require you to assemble everything with screws each time you work out, so it’s not quite as easy to set up as a traditional Iron Gym. Then again, it makes many more exercises available, so it should be worth the trouble.


On the product page, by the way, they love referring to it as the “DFT.” Which is great, because that’s a heck of a lot easier to remember, although it makes me chuckle because I’m juvenile and watched too much Jersey Shore back in the day (we know, the term came from Superbad and all). Either way, we’re DTF with the DFT.

The Doorway Fitness Tower is available now.

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