96 Holes Allow This Wooden Frame To Be A Highly-Customizable Storage Furniture


We’re huge fans of modular storage furniture. Not only do they let you configure a system that’s custom-fitted to your needs, they let maximize whatever space you have available, too. Those are definitely the main selling points for the Dotdotdot.Frame, an imaginative storage system that can be configured in a whole lot of ways.

Designed by London-based Leonid Davydov, it’s a system based around a rectangular frame that can either be leaned against the wall or fixed using mounting hardware (the base should be on the floor in both instances). From there, you plug in any of the storage modules on the frame to add shelves, hanging rods, hooks, and whatever else you need around the house.


The Dotdotdot.Frame measures 6.6 x 2.4 feet (h x w) and comes with a total of 96 holes distributed along the frame, each of which you can use to hold any of the available modules. The current lineup of modules includes pegs, dowels, shelves, mirrors, pin boards, and blackboards, giving you plenty of options in configuring your own custom furniture.  Even better, you can combine multiple frames side by side to create a larger modular system, so you can cover an entire wall with these things if you need a whole lot of storage areas.


Construction is solid ash mahogany for all the wooden components, ensuring it’s strong and resilient enough to handle any load. Oh yeah, since the system, basically, involves plugging items into holes, you can, pretty much, build your own additional modules if you’re up to the task.

Want it? The Dotdotdot.Frame is available now, with prices starting at £249 for one frame with 12 pegs and wall-mounting hardware.

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