Double Fisted Sledgehammer: Heavy-Duty Tool, Not A Lesbian Technique


Left fist, cemetery.  Right fist, cemetery too.  No concessions on this one, as both ends of the Double Fisted Sledgehammer should deliver the same head-busting wallop.

Like any regular sledgehammer, the craftily-shaped swing-and-destroy equipment should punch a dent on any surface that you put it to.  Need to crush a pile of rocks?  No problem.  Forge iron?  You got it.  Break your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s windshield?  Smash it and run.

Sure, it sounds like a special technique from some  niche movie market but don’t let the name fool you.  The Double Fisting Sledgehammer is a large, heavy-duty hammer with both ends of the head replaced with closed fists.  Not that fists are necessarily better for destroying hard stuff, but it sure looks better than your garden variety hard labor tool.

A part of Design Martus’ portfolio of gorgeous metalwork based around hands and fists, it uses a 13 x 3.5 inch slab of cast iron for the head, with a wooden helve wedged tightly in the middle.  The handle is made of lace wood and measures 36 inches long.

There are no purchase options yet, but the Double Fisted Sledgehammer looks like it will make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of exquisitely-crafted tools. – as well as their suite of skull-cracking hammers, of course.

[Design Martus via Boing Boing]