Never Lose Those Tiny Espresso Cups Again With The Double Shot Coffee Cup

If you always find yourself losing the espresso cups because they’re so darn so small, it’s probably time you stop buying them.  Just use a regular cup, pour a single shot, and save yourself the trouble.  Either that, or get the Double Shot, a drinking vessel that serves as a coffee mug on one end and an espresso cup on the other.

Basically, it’s like that beer pint and shot glass combo we saw a while back.  Except, instead of serving as your companion for late night binges, it’s designed for your daily dose of caffeine, whether it’s a cup of hot latte in the morning, a quick hit of espresso in the afternoon, or some instant coffee in a pinch.

The Double Shot Coffee Cup can hold 5.5 ounces of coffee on the main container and 1.5 ounces of espresso when flipped over.  Construction is a clear hand-blown glass, complete with a convenient handle, so you don’t burn your hand while taking sips of your steaming hot drink.  Since the espresso cup is attached to the mug, you’ll never lose a tiny cup again, no matter how much of a confusing mess your kitchen becomes.

Available from Cool Material, the Double Shot Coffee and Espresso Mug retails for $14.

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