DoubleBack Adds 6 Foot Of Practical Living Space To Your VW Van

Pop top roofs on camper vans are great.  They’ve been around for decades though, so it’s high time we found a new way to extend the space on those vans.  The DoubleBack sounds like just the thing to make that happen.

Made by Overlander Homes, the conversion adds an insulated pod (equivalent to 4 inches of household insulation) to the rear of the van, extending your temporary outdoor living space in a substantial way.  Like the pop top, it can hide back into the van, too, so the entire thing will still fit in a regular garage once you’re done with the weekend getaway.

Just as a pop top extends a camper’s height, the DoubleBack extends its length, adding an enclosed space measuring 6.5 feet long.  Constructed using aircraft-grade materials, the pod weighs a hefty 280+ pounds, but can hold up to 600 pounds inside once set up in your campsite.  Not sure you have the muscle to pull close to 300 pounds out of the van’s rear?  Not a problem, as they also install an electric slide-out mechanism, so the pod sets up all on its own at the push of a button.

As of now, Overlander only offers the DoubleBack with a Volkwagen T5 Transporter van (unfortunately model not available in the US) starting at £54,995.  Each order includes the pop top roof, a fold-out double bed on the pod and a kitchenette.  They offer a bunch of options for customization too, so you can go wild in outfitting it (provided you have the means to pay for them of course).

Check out the video below on DoubleBack in action.