Dovetail’s Maven Maternity Workpants Has A Super-Stretchy Waist For Accommodating The Biggest Baby Bump

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t get down and do physically demanding work. Whether you want to keep working at the warehouse, do some maintenance work on your garden, or hike your favorite trails on the weekend, a baby bump shouldn’t keep you from rolling up your sleeves and getting things done. To do that, however, you need the most comfortable clothes you can find. That’s exactly what Dovetail Workwear brings with the Maven Maternity Workpants.

Is this the first ever maternity workpants? We don’t know. If it is, though, the world probably needs more. In the meantime, all the pregnant working women out there has this sweet-looking trousers as a viable option.

The Dovetail Workwear Maven Maternity Workpants is a rugged pair of jeans that’s designed to provide extra room at the waist to accommodate that growing creature in your womb, all while fitting snugly everywhere else below it. Seriously, the darn thing even has a slim fit. That way, you can move any way you want free from any discomfort, without having to wear oversized pants that just totally ruin your style. It’s made from a heavy-duty 12oz Power Stretch Denim fabric that bears an optimum combination of durability and elasticity. This isn’t one of those jeans that stretches a bit, by the way. Instead, it’s designed to give a heck of a lot of stretch, so there’s no need to get larger than your usual sizes, making it a viable pair of pants at any point during your pregnancy, regardless of how large your belly gets.

The big feature here is the outfit’s Beyond Bellyband design, which adds elastic inserts on the waist instead of regular denim, allowing it to stretch far beyond how typical how a typical pair of elastic pants will do. It doesn’t matter whether you’re walking, sitting, or bending over to pick up stuff off the ground, this thing will stretch to accommodate your shape all day long.

The Dovetail Workwear Maven Maternity Workpants doesn’t just stop at the stretch fabric and elastic panels on the waist. Instead, they also throw in a gusseted crotch and a hidden elastic waistband in the back, ensuring it supports an even greater range of motion. For durability, they reinforce the 12oz denim fabric with dual layer panels out front that stretch from the upper thigh to below the knee, ensuring it will hold up, regardless of what rough surfaces you end up brushing your legs on throughout the course of the day.

Do note, the fact that they added stretch panels on the waist means they don’t have the room to actually fit any front pockets, so you won’t be able to stash stuff in front of your pants like usual. They do keep the usual back pockets, along with six other functional pockets and a tool loop, so there’s places to cram any gear you need to have along.

The Dovetail Workwear Maven Maternity Workpants is available in sizes 0 to 18, priced at $99.

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