Downtown Subway Backpack Puts A NY Subway Scene On Your Back

You already have enough backpacks for a variety of functions, whether for photography, yoga, or impromptu soccer games.  Now, you want a new one just for sheer whimsy.  And since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles are probably off the option list for someone your age who takes the trains in New York every morning for grown-up work, we have a feeling this Downtown Subway Backpack can make for a fun yet less juvenile alternative.

Made by Mojo, the entire front face of the bag is covered in a subway door screenprint, so you can remind people standing behind you in a train that they’re in a train and their lives probably suck as much as yours.  Because misery has always loved company and all that.  Best part is when you pull down the vertical zipper in the middle of the two doors, which opens up a second screenprinted scene of an empty NYC subway platform. Pure whimsy.

The Downtown Subway Backpack is made from 600D polyester and polyester twill, with a reinforced back panel and bottom panel to ensure stable and comfortable use.  It features a large main compartment, a secondary compartment behind it, and a pair of side pockets.  Dimensions are 17 x 12 x 7 inches.  Oh yeah, the screenprint is blacklight reactive, so you can show it off to your stoner friends when they’re tripping inside their weirdly-lit abodes.

You can get the Downtown Subway Backpack directly from Mojo, priced at $48.

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