Dozuki Opens iFixit’s Documentation Tools To The Masses

User manuals generally suck.  Which makes iFixit‘s detailed step-by-step accounts of how to perform various technical tasks a really special resource.  To create their innovative manuals, the group relies on a proprietary software called Duzuki that they’re now making available to the public.

Granted, you’ll still have to do the work of creating the documentation yourself.  But if you’ve been wondering what kind of software you can use to create the same easy-to-use and picture-heavy layouts  iFixit have been cranking out, this will probably be a better route than anything you can squeeze out of Microsoft Office.

Dozuki will be available as two products: Guidebook and Answers.  The former is a procedural documentation platform that’s been streamlined for production of how-to guides and service documentation for even the most complex devices.  Everything you create from Guidebook can be accessed online, both through downloadable PDFs or iFixit’s own mobile apps.  Updates to your documents will quickly be reflected as well.

The latter, on the other hand, is an enterprise-grade tool that turn expert conversations into a searchable knowledge base.  If you’re running a company, that means you can use the software to create knowledge hubs that your customers will be able to use.

Given iFixit’s track record in creating both excellent user manuals and a vibrant knowledge base, Dozuki could prove a huge service for many types of companies.  They’re now open in beta form, offering three levels of memberships each for both Guidebook and Answers.  Prices start at $99 per month.