DP4 Super Go-Kart Shown Off At Oregon Raceway Park

Despite being a go-kart, the DP4 is far from the 15 mph box you used to take laps with at the local amusement park. In fact, the four-wheeled beast is probably enough to put a whole lot of racers to shame.

Created by Palatov Motorsport, the car has only been recently completed and put on the market as a kit. To show off its chops to prospective customers, they took a prototype to the Oregon Raceway Park for its first track day and the results are reportedly impressive, with the vehicle performing “staggeringly well” and encountering only one hitch throughout the day (a frayed wire that was promptly fixed).

The DP4 has a 68.5-inch wheelbase, with the sleek Batmobile-like body measuring 103.8 x 67.3 x 45 inches (l x w x h). It weighs a streamlined 800lbs, with a ground clearance that can be configured from 1 to 2.25 inches. Details for the basic kit include a welded tubular 4130 chromoly steel chassis, advanced composite body, RWD with Quaife ATB differential, vented brakes and a motorcycle six-speed sequential gearbox.

Power is provided by a base 600cc motorcycle engine, pumping out 60 horses. Those with bigger piles of money to burn can opt for more powerful engines, topping up with a 1400cc behemoth that blows up to 200hp.

According to one prospective buyer who test drove the super kart, “Going from the DP4 back to Caterham CSR is like going from the Caterham to a stock Elise.” Strong words for a really powerful ride. Base price for the kit is $25,910, which goes up to $50,610 with all available upgrades thrown in.

[DP Cars via Jalopnik]