DQM Chinook Cooler Is Perfect For Women Wanting To Hide Their Six Pack

Ladies love beer too.  Unfortunately, it’s a lot tackier for women to be walking around with a beer bandolier wrapped around their torso — it just doesn’t work.  The DQM Chinook Cooler Bag might be a more appropriate way to transport a dozen cans of suds while you laze around the poolside or take a stroll along the beach.

From the outside, it looks like a perfectly regular tote bag — the kind girls dump their stuff in during a casual day out.  Hiding underneath all that, however, is an insulated pouch that you can use to keep your beers chilled throughout the day.

The DQM Chinook Cooler Bag measures 15 x 13 x 8 inches, with a heavy-duty 14-ounce waxed canvas construction. Behind that façade sits a zippered, insulated and watertight compartment that should be large enough to hold a dozen cans of your favorite beverage, along with a smattering of ice cubes to keep them cold.  In case you’d rather use the bag to pack warm food for a picnic by the shore, the heat-sealed sack will work for that purpose, too.

Features include a zipped pocket right over the zippered lid for holding small items (fits a phone or a compact digicam), knotted tracer cord zipper pulls, a silver D-ring hanging on the exterior and a 13-inch long strap handle.  While guys who wear tote bags usually get beat up in my neighborhood, this one’s got that whole military green thing going on, so maybe it will fly in most places.  Or maybe just pretend you’re carrying it for your girlfriend or something.

You can buy the DQM Chinook Cooler Bag directly from DQM’s website, priced at $128.