Drake Can Now Sit Over Your Whole Life With This 3-Inch Figurine


Remember the Sad Keanu figurine you can order for 3D-printing from a few years back? It’s still fun, but the meme’s old enough that few people really get the joke anymore. So if you’re looking for a replacement figurine to adorn various areas of your workspace, you might want to check out the Tiny Drake Views.

A 3D-printed figurine of the Toronto rapper, it recreates Drake’s pose on his new album’s famously-Photoshopped cover art. Yes, the one that depicts the artist sitting in a brooding pose similar to the Sad Keanu we knew and loved, leaving him just as meme-friendly as the actor was from a few years back.


The Tiny Drake Views is made from full-color sandstone, so it should net you a decent-looking likeness of the rapper. Since it recreates the rapper’s seated position from the album, you can easily perch it on top of any flat surface, so you can have Drake sitting on your monitor, the top of the cubicle wall, or any other place you want to see him brooding on the world at large. Do note, it’s tiny, measuring just under 3 inches tall, so you will want to place it somewhere conspicuous, unless you want to end up forgetting all about it, like all the tiny toys you keep around the desk.


Available now, the Tiny Drake Views is priced at $29.99. For those who want to splurge a bit more, there’s also a 14-karat, gold-plated brass version retailing for $500.

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