Draught Beer Chill Dispenser Can Be Your Personal 24/7 Bartender

The Draught Beer Chill Dispenser doesn’t do anything special, except serve you chilled beer on tap. Which, as it happens, is all the “special” that I need. Making it…perfect.

Why concern yourself with opening cans and popping bottles? Not to mention making trips to the fridge just to grab a cold, fresh one. This compact draft beer dispenser will chill the suds by itself, all while sitting right next to you on the couch, saving you from all the hard work normally associated with getting drunk at home.

Sized to fit a 5-liter keg of your choice beverage at any one time, the Draught Beer Chill Dispenser measures a stocky 54 x 30 x 41 cm. It features dual system operation, supporting both pressurized and non-pressurized kegs. How does the beer stay cold? It comes with thermal electric cooling behind double-layer insulation, keeping that beer chilled and fresh for up to 30 days at a time. There’s even a removable dip tray, chrome rail top (for stocking up to six glasses), no-slip rubberized feet and integrated cord storage (so you can take it with you on the road).

Cold beer on tap that you can park on a coffee table, a bedside stool or right under your desk in the office? Every hour will be happy hour with a Draught Beer Chill Dispenser. It’s available on Firebox for $223.

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