Draw Your Swords, Gentlemen: The Lion Dog Koshirae


Your fighting sword beginning to get a little rusty?  Considering arming up with the latest reboot of Bugei’s classic Lion Dog Koshirae, touted as the best sword to ever come out of the renowned Hanwei forge.

Clad in the most elegant and intricate fittings the company has ever made, the all new bladed weapon sees the popular model completely redesigned, pushing the envelope for modern production swords.  Inspired by the golden age of the weapon in Japanese history (the Kamakura era), it takes after legendary swordsmith Masamune’s daito and shoto designs, mimicking their size, shape and overall feel.


The Lion Dog Koshirae comes in a matched set consisting of a long sword and a tanto knife.  It uses a kozuka with a functional blade for the full sword and a kogai on the handy tanto. Each one comes with mounting styles clad in lion designs that ably emulate artistic details from the ancient period it represents.

With a shishi (lion) design that represents power, protection and truth, it’s a gorgeous display piece that’s sure to start lengthy conversations.  Since those are real, deadly blades, it’s the perfect weapon for piercing, slicing and beheading enemies too.  Display it somewhere prominent and easily accessible, so you can immediately pull it out when aliens or zombies ever attempt to invade your home.  I’m not sure if it can stand up to robots, though, so better keep a flame thrower handy as well, in case the apocalypse ends up being precipitated by machine droids.

You can get the Bugei-exclusive Lion Dog Koshirae for $3,390.

[Bugei via The Awesomer]