Drawdio Electronic Pencil Kit Turns Your Ugly Doodles Into Horrible Noises

Want to be the most annoying person in any room?  Grab a chair and a piece of paper, then begin sketching using a Drawdio, an electronic pencil that creates sound while you’re doodling.

Forget about making beautiful music, though, the thing creates ear-splitting electronic noise that’s more akin to psychological torture.  It uses the pencil graphite’s conductive properties to create some sort of musical synthesizer, which results in buzzing, dragging, teeth-gnashing audio.

As you’re drawing with the pencil, simply put a finger on any part of the sketch and it will begin to make different sounds.  As long as both the pencil and some part of your body are touching the drawn items, it will eke out various types of electronic hum.

The Drawdio is actually an electronic kit.  While it’s shipped with a pencil, you can easily remove it for placement into other objects that you want to turn into noise-generating “musical” instruments.  Suggested experiments include attaching it to one tree leaf while touching another and through the bristles of a paintbrush, among other things.

You can now quit thinking of how cool it would feel to be the most obnoxious person inside your office and just do it.   Sit down with the musical pencil, begin doodling something on a piece of paper and watch everyone’s exasperated faces as they are subjected to the non-stop, note-changing, buzzing sound.  Joy!

The Drawdio ships unassembled, so you’ll have to muster your constructing powers to put the set together (it’s not complicated, so don’t worry).  All components, including AAA batteries and a 2B pencil, are included, with complete instructions.  It’s available for $17.50.

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